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Special Cargo Handling

Special Cargo Handling

PAG has extensive experience and knowledge in handling special cargos that are sensitive natured, one piece of heavy volume and size etc. We have expertise in loading and unloading of heavy cargo out gauge cargos. We also acquire extensive knowledge of transport, engineering and safety requirements to move such cargo.

  • PAG pas wide knowledge of transport requirement of special cargo into/out of Ethiopia
  • We have specialized engineers in the field with exhaustive and expansive experience,
  • Know-how on road and bridge capacity,
  • Handle all required permits and delivery of unique solutions,
  • Provide road survey,
  • Provide packing services for specialized cargo
  • Door to door service – from suppliers’ factory to consignees’ door

Basic Facts

  • PAG transported the heaviest cargo of Ethiopia to date – 142Tons each.
  • Handling mega hydroelectric power project cargoes (such as: Chida Sodo, Dire Dam, Beles, Gilgel Gibe I, GGII, Gibe III, Great Renaissance Dam hydroelectric power project with generating capacities that range from 200 MW to 6,000 MW),
  • Wide experience in handling power transmission substation projects,
  • Re-installation of the Axum Obelisk (1,700 year old, 24 meters (78 feet) tall granite, weighing 160 Tons)
  • Packed and shipped a most delicate of Lucy, one of the oldest fossil and ancestry of mankind.
  • Handle most sophisticated and complex shipments to and from Ethiopia
  • Engineering supported loading and unloading of one unit heavy and delicate cargo

Your Benefits

  • PAG has expertise in handling your special and sensitive cargo
  • We handle your shipment with appropriate knowledge, capabilities and experience
  • Close follow-up and correct handling of heavy lifts, out-of-gauge cargo, time-critical and high-value material
  • We send and receive your cargo almost anywhere in the world with expertise care
  • You can ship any kind of equipment, machinery, vehicles or other large products you can name with any size and we assure you that we will deliver it to your satisfaction.
  • Appropriate knowledge, experience and expertise matters to your special cargo. We have them all!