Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Authorized Economic Operator

We are highly pleased to inform you that we have been certified by the Ethiopian Customs Commission to be Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

We would like to give credit & gratitude to our partners, clients, and all PAG families.

We would not be able to achieve this milestone without the help of our partners and all PAG families!

Being certified for the Ethiopian Customs commissions AOE (Authorized Economic operator), we will have priority privilege for any service as per Ministry of Council Directive No. 518/2014.

We believe, we will achieve many more successes in the future.

We also want to remind our clients and partners that being an authorized economic partner (AEO) or a certified secure and safe business partner brings some of the below-listed values to our operations per Ministry of Council Directive No. 518/2014.

1 – Primary customs notification
2 – Rarer document controls
3 – Priority in shipments chosen for inspection
4 – Preference for imports and exports in contingency
5 – Lower inspection cost
6 – More accessible admittance to customs simplifications

Congratulations to all of us once again!