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Air Freight

Air Freight

We deliver our service at Five Rights/Place, product, quantity, time and cost/. We offer a complete range of air logistics services.

Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your freight. Dedicated office inside Cargo Terminal that is open 14hrs per day and six days/week, in-house customs brokerage, handling heavy and/or dangerous cargo import, export, transit and trans-shipment. Our service includes General Sales Agent for airliners, packaging, crating and short-term warehousing, full and partial cargo chartering, door to door service from all over the world.



Basic Facts

Our airport office is open 14hrs per day and six days/week. Over twenty-eight energetic airfreight experts manage your shipment. Worldwide access to more than 600 integrated airfreight terminal offices in collaboration with our worldwide partners, complete range of airfreight services, vast range and flexible service options ,approved IATA (International Air Transport Association) cargo Agent, chartering & canvasing, approved to transport Dangerous Cargo, dedicated pickup and delivery team , and consolidation service. Your one-stop shop for your air cargo, packing, crating, warehousing, shipping, and delivery to your preferred destination Why you ship by air with us
• We handle your urgently needed cargo.
• You will receive your cargo in on a reliable schedule.
• We help you by sending/receiving your cargo almost anywhere in the world.
• You can receive your valuable goods with a high level of security and reduced risk.
• You need less warehousing and fewer items in stock as we can provide you with quick service with short transit time.
• We work with airliners who can let you track your goods using a web application from departure to arrival.
• You can take the advantage of air freight for small items.

Your Benefits

o Close follow-up of your shipment with customs next door. Complete range of airfreight service from a single source direct access to customs database. Defined and monitored processes to maintain and raise quality. Standard KPI’s set for meeting required lead time Worldwide network of local experts
o Standardized connections and fixed schedules consistent service quality with selected preferred carriers better connection and low fares.
o By understanding the needs of our customers, our tailor-made solutions help companies to stay ahead of their competition.
o Our industry sector approach is designed to deploy the broad know-how to provide.
o Simplified and sustainable solutions those are right for your particular industry.
o We work with our customers to optimize the value proposition for their industry’s distinctive requirements.
o Industry experts that understand your needs and the issues that affect your customers on a global and regional level.
o A detailed understanding of sector-specific requirements.
o Dedicated infrastructure and competence centers to provide the specialized expertise your sector requires.
o Sector-specific base solutions that can fast-track the production of your unique solution.
o Proactive consultation on the potential application of new logistics models with a trusted service partner.