Panafric Global

Panafric Global Logistics, your premier choice for end-to-end and door-to-door multimodal transport solutions in Ethiopia and beyond. Boasting over 30 years of industry expertise and a team of 170 logistics experts, we redefine excellence in the field.

Our comprehensive services include international freight forwarding, intermodal trucking, customs clearance, freight consolidation, project cargo management, warehousing, and relocation services. Panafric Global Logistics ensures a hassle-free journey for your cargo, from origin to destination.

Industries such as manufacturing, aid & relief, consumer/retail, garment industry, oil & gas, and special heavy lift handling trust us for tailored logistics solutions. Leveraging our in-depth local knowledge and a vast global freight network, we stand as the preferred choice for multinational and domestic companies alike.

Our commitment extends beyond traditional freight services. A dedicated team of logistics consultants collaborates with international shippers, governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations to engineer supply chains and implement best-practice logistics solutions for East Africa.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of Panafric Global Logistics, where your logistics needs are not just met but exceeded. Partner with us for a journey that goes beyond transportation – it’s a commitment to excellence in every step of the supply chain.




Industry Type


Area of Service

World wide

Our package of value-added services includes international freight forwarding; inter modal trucking, document preparation, cargo insurance provision, customs formalities, foreign collections, freight consolidation and international trade management and consulting. PAG works diligently to meet and exceed its customer’s expectations.

Headquarters Station

Addis Ababa, Ethopia

We are committed to customer service and operational excellence, our dedicated and professional staff provides solutions to our customers in the demanding climate of international trade.

Prestigious status

It obtained AEO certification

Scale and Expertise

Panafric operates a total of 13 branches with over 170 experts. The company offers more than 10 logistics products

Quality Certification

Completed ISO 9001:2015 certification and implement highest service quality standards across all business units


Starting Garment on Hangers business

IATA Certification
PAG meet the necessary IATA criteria and award a certificate that certify it to be a member of International Freight Forwarders Association.
Footprint growth

Panafric opens new offices and service centers to a total of 6 branches in Ethiopia as well as an office in Djibouti

ERCA Certification
It provides direct access to Ethiopian Customs portal system, ASYCUDA++, from all branch office. It will facilitate the whole customs clearance.

The company develops and integrates own, customized Freight Forwarding System and enabling track and trace

Service Expansion

Panafric starts with Warehousing service, as well as relocation and Packing. Started Workshop for packing materials like Palettes, Crate

General Sales Agent for Airliners
This enables us to provide all Airliner related services to our clients from our desk. Services like Reservation, Booking, AWB issuance, and departure follow up
Trucking and Projects

Fully operational dedicated transport service, and project logistics operations, including heavy-lift, out of gauge and oversized cargo

System Integration

Implementation of inhouse developed IT technology, including launch of own ERP System; Company grows to 40 staff

IFFS launching
The word IFFS stands for Integrated Freight Forwarding System and it is particularly designed to facilitate freight forwarding activities. The availability of IFFS made different operational activities at PAG. IFFS is generally vital in every work that PAG is involved in especially it will help client to know the status of their shipments.
Company Foundation

Panafric starts with professional freight forwarding service in Ethiopia with a total staff of 10 and clear focus on the quality




Be Premium

Be a premium a global logistics network and player

Dependable Logistics Solution

Deliver timely and dependable logistics solutions, to its customers, that is supported by information technology

Collaborate with first class

Collaborate with first class, worldwide, network of logistics providers, business partners, and their employees

Be a Leader

Be a leader in the handling of national logistics demand

Promote Ethiopia

Promote Ethiopia as an African and global logistics hub

Be the investment choice

Be the investment choice of its owners and employment choice of its staff by enhancing the profitability of all its operations.


Our core

Always learning

It provides regular in-house and external training for its employees so that they develop new skills for a challenging environment

Latest Technology

Adopt latest technology tp provide updated logistic services, IFFS, ERP, Direct access to Ethiopian Customs portal system. Fully Automated!

Safety & Quality

Provide safety training to staffs who are exposed to accident and collecting regular feedback from clients regarding its service quality.

Care for Environment

We care for the environment and that is why we are planting one tree for one shipment. By doing this PAG promoting Go Green!!