Relocation Service

Relocation Service

We customize a range of services to meet the relocation requirements to our clients. Our expert and experienced relocation consultants are there to assist you every phase of the way.

  • We provide seamless relocation service
  • Tenancy service both ways
  • Provide all services you require to relocate yourself, maintenance for your old tenancy, schooling for your children, temporary and permanent vehicle requirement, utility arrangement and clearances, insurance arrangements etc.

Basic Facts

  • We need your requirements clearly
  • Property standards vary from place to place
  • Limited schooling options
  • We need to adhere with the relocation place rules and regulations
  • Entitlements cannot be delegated
  • When possible we can arrange swap housing

Your Benefits

  • We have current and detail information
  • We have the expertise to match your requirements
  • You can rely on us and focus on your core business
  • We know how to take care of the hassle
  • We have stronger negotiation power to your advantage
  • We can provide you where to get what – all basic needs of life