Cargo service

Aviation sector

Are you or someone you know seeking for cargo service at an affordable cost, so looking no further than Turkish airlines, Jazzera airlines and Ethiopian airlines, with whom we have had a long-standing cooperation.

• Turkish Airline, a carrier based in Istanbul with a fleet of 350 aircraft that fly to over 315 destinations in Europe, America, the Far East and Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It currently lands in ADD seven days a week.


• Jazeera Airlines, in which we are the solely representative in Ethiopia, it is a carrier with a base in Kuwait International Airport and a fleet of 19 aircraft that flies to over 50 locations in Europe, America, the Far East and Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Currently, it lands in ADD on Monday, and Wednesday, of each week.

What Makes us different!


• Competitive Pricing. Our cargo service focuses on delivering world-class air freight solutions at the most competitive prices.

• Transportation of urgent shipments: By means of TK URGENT, TK SMART, TK PREMIUM, we can transport your last minute and critical shipments to the destination with top priority.

• Daily flight from ADD to all of destinations.

• Vast destinations more than 315 destinations

• Prompt response to all requests, including those regarding booking, rates, and associated questions Committed staffs works 14 hours per day, seven days a week.



• General cargos

• Perishable cargos (Flowers, vegetables, Fresh injera ..)

• Express Courier

• All kinds of dangerous goods transportation; with licensed team members (ADR, DGR, IMO)

• Transportation of all kinds of manufactured products

• Valuable commodity transportation

• Funeral transport.


The hassle is on us!  No matter how large or small your package is, or how far it needs to go, our cargo expert staff are there, to ensure you meet the tightest deadlines, without any problems.


If you have any export shipment that need to be carried by air to any destination, please feel free to contact us at the address listed below we would be happy to assist. & (Tel: 0902483176 & 0921400202)

We would be delighted to assist you!