Hawassa Branch

Hawasa Branch

Hawassa Branch is one of our top-performing branches! It heads operations for garment shipments with other commodities, handles CY /CY operations, Customs Clearance Services, Ocean Import / Export, Air Import/Export, Local Trucking, Cross Border trucking, and end-to-end logistics services. You will get full logistics service with highly dedicated, dynamic, energetic team fellows.

Hawassa Branch is located near the industry zone factories to get close to our clients. It is also serving our nearby Hawassa-based clients. With 30 years of expertise in the Fashion and Garment logistics Industry, We will highly professionally assist you. We would also like to remind our clients that we are the pioneers in providing to use and application of GOH – (Garment on Hunger), making it easier for garment shipments to be ready for final use for the customer.

If you require your garment shipments or any other commodities for customs clearance services, Freight forwarding from/to Hawassa, or local and Cross border trucking services, Please feel free to contact our Hawassa team at +251462120701. You are also welcome to
send any inquiries directly to our sales team at sales@panafricglobal.com or +251 – 9 – 27 – 85 – 85 – 85.

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