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Importing your cargo

Are you importing your cargo to Ethiopia or exporting your products?

We are right at the cargo terminal door to act on your behalf!

Find us on the 2nd floor at Find us on the 2nd floor at Ethiopian Airlines Group, Cargo Section Terminal 2.

Our team is highly trained and ready to handle any challenge that comes their way. They are organized in a way that allows them to work with each other seamlessly. Our harmonious connection with each other gives us the twin vibe in a family.

Our operation managers are one of our main strengths to fight off every challenge and make the shipment process seem effortless. PAG retains the promise we give our customers, by assigning each operation to an operation manager.

Our transitors are the firecrackers right in the middle of the crossroad communicating with the customs officers and making operations go smoothly.

Our cargo professionals, the identical agents for #Turkish, #Jazeera Airways, and #Ethiopian Airlines are at your disposal 15 hours a day, 6 days a week, taking care of all your shipments. We can ship any cargo to your desired destination worldwide.

For all types of cargo, as per your time sensitivity, we deliver to the utmost of your satisfaction.

Ethiopia Addis Ababa |Airport Branch Office |Ethiopian Cargo Terminal 2nd Floor

7408, |Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (GMT+3)

+251-118-547-251 | +251-118-547-751

Mrs. Freweini Amdemariam, Airport Area Executive Director

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