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Book your sea freight with us!

Book your Sea freight with us
We have mastered the sea lines across the #Mediterranean sea, #Indian, #Atlantic, and #Pacific Oceans to become home to worldwide professional and top-notch sea freight transport. We shall go extra ordinary miles to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions, expertise in loading/unloading cargo, door-to-door delivery services, to in-house customs brokerage. We know all about sea freight, So you can rely on us and relax!
Aiming to offer unlimited services, we have our network connected to #Berbera, #Sudan, and #Djibouti ports to deliver your cargo through our branch offices. State-of-the-art account management systems ensure that we keep up with the current, efficient, and trendy needs and services. As your desired partner, we possess skills and knowledge of various processes you must go through, such as transporting, dealing with customs, or managing the logistics process to any destination accessible via shipping lines worldwide.
We have a record of transporting the heaviest cargo in to Ethiopia via sea till this day. We have also handled the most historical and complicated #Axum Obelisk, which is 1,700 years old, 24 meters (78 feet) tall granite, and weighing 160 Tons. As such, no fete is too big for us. PAG is also undertaking mega hydroelectric power projects like #GERDP and #Koysha, alongside special cargo transport. Serving more of your needs, we are also handling and shipping, #UN, organization, and #NGO personal effects shipments worldwide to any point in the world.
Building our portfolio to exponential levels, we currently serve many clients in and out of Ethiopia. We have developed an impressive portfolio as we perfect our sea freight processes with them. From them, we have learned and proved our expertise to the market and continue developing our skills and services to become adequate and better every day. Having been in the field since 1993, we at Panafric Global have excelled in keeping up with current cutting-edge technology. Accordingly, we maintain the best practices and services to manage your cargo and needs.
Almost turning 30, we are energetic and resourceful with 29 years of professional experience in providing freight services to our customers. As experts in shipping heavy cargo, we boast of transporting enormous LCL shipments annually. Our bright and proficient #family, whose specialties are cut across the board, will serve you for your individual needs. All you have to do is contact us for any logistics needs you might have. We provide services to your sea freight needs and live up to our promise.
You are welcome to visit any of our ten branches and three satellite offices whenever you need to contact us. You can also contact us via email – at;; or call our sales team on +251902483171/72/73/74/75/76/77/78/79; +251-11-551-7092/ +251-9-27-85-85-85 or DM us at any PAG’s official channels with any queries.
Reach out, and we shall sort it for you!
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